Improved POS ordering and fulfillment experiences for serialized items


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Users by admins, makers, or analysts Jan 28, 2021 Apr 2021

Business value

This feature adds new capabilities that enhance the validation of serial tracking dimension on products in point-of-sale (POS) sales and fulfillment scenarios.

Feature details

This feature will improve the user experience for selling and fulfilling order lines within the POS application for products that are controlled by serial numbers. New validation logic will check for active, active in sales process, allow blank issue, and physical negative inventory configurations on items and warehouses to ensure that POS users enter accurate and required serial number data when selling or fulfilling POS orders with serialized items.

For items that are configured as active on their serial number dimension setup, the POS application will also validate the serial number being sold against inventory availability to prevent or warn users if they are selling serial numbers that do not appear to be in store inventory based on the available channel-side inventory snapshot information.

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