Manufacturing execution with scale units in the cloud


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Users by admins, makers, or analysts Feb 1, 2021 Jun 18, 2021

Business value

Companies can execute mission-critical manufacturing processes without interruption and at scale and build resilience into key manufacturing processes.

Feature details

Improve the resilience of your manufacturing processes by extending your cloud hub with cloud scale units that run manufacturing workloads. Each manufacturing workload takes ownership of certain manufacturing execution-related data and processes at a selected site.

The manufacturing workload for this release provides the following capabilities and benefits:

  • Cloud scale units deliver dedicated processing capacity in the regional cloud and provide the scaling capabilities required to support processing without interruption.
  • Workers on the shop floor run the execution phase of manufacturing processes in a distributed mode while work planning and finalization is done centrally on the hub.
  • Workers can clock in and clock out, select and start multiple jobs at once, start new jobs in parallel, report output and scrap, register breaks and inactive activities, and more.
  • The new production floor execution interface for workers is modern, customizable, and optimized for touch interaction.
  • Workers can request maintenance from the production floor execution interface as soon as the issue occurs. The close integration with asset management will automatically add a formal maintenance request to the system.
  • Operators can register machine downtime with a description and reason code. Downtime registrations can be used to calculate the efficiency of a machine.
  • Up to four tiles can be configured to show selected asset counter values for a machine in the production floor execution interface. These can be used to monitor the health and state of the machine asset.

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