Custom field support for eligibility processing


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Admins, makers, marketers, or analysts, automatically May 17, 2021 Jun 2021

Business value

Human Resources is a highly customizable system aimed at tailoring to the needs of organizations across the world and their respective business processes. Benefits management doesn't currently support custom fields that organizations might have added to track their business process data around benefits management display or transactional purposes.

Typically, organizations would add custom attributes for worker data to classify them from a benefits perspective, and the system must be able to use those attributes to determine and process eligibility. This feature enables that capability in benefits management.

Feature details

The ability to use custom fields in eligibility processing will provide the following features:

  • Select custom fields for employees, jobs, and positions to be used in eligibility processing.
  • Define eligibility rules based on custom fields to be used on one or more benefits plan.
  • View whether the employee meets the eligibility rule in the process results viewer.

Benefits eligibility custom fields support

Option to add custom fields in eligibility rules

Custom fields configuration for eligibility rules

Custom fields added in the eligibility rules list post configuration

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