In real time, monitor your customer journeys and channel KPIs

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Business value

Evaluate your customer journey’s effectiveness with real-time analytics updates. Analytics overlays give you the tools to examine your entire customer journey at a glance. Use the built-in Sankey chart to highlight the flow density of journey participants through each step. Analyze channel performance using the deliverability funnel and undelivered category pie chart breakdown. Monitor goal accomplishment using the goal attainment chart.

Feature details

  • Monitor journey operation health in real time.
  • Track the success and impact of various steps and channels in the journey.
  • Identify bottlenecks in the journey flow.
  • Immediately see which channel or step in your journey is underperforming.
  • Determine why participants are engaging or disengaging with channels or steps in your customer journey.

Preview features will be available in North America in April and Europe regions in early May. Other regions will be supported at the time of general availability.

Push notification KPI shown in real time

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