Intelligent skill finder for improved classification


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Users by admins, makers, or analysts - - Apr 10, 2021

Business value

In addition to rule-based classification, intelligence can be used to add information such as the skills needed for a particular work item. Intelligent skill finder provides this capability for administrators to use machine learning instead of creating custom models.

Feature details

Intelligent skill finder is one of the machine learning model-based classification rules. These rules can be used to attach skills to the work item using the AI Builder text classification. Administrators start by training the model using data from an existing entity or uploading a training data set. Once approved, the text or tag pairs are used to train the classification model customized to that organization. Once trained, classification rules can be created to configure which work item attributes are sent to the trained and published model. When the rule is executed, the inputs are sent to the model and the returned tags are attached as skills on the work item. The resulting skills are shown with a lightbulb icon and confidence score to show the users they were stamped using AI.

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