Edit active prices in price lists and price overview pages


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Business value

Almost every business has its own approach to pricing its products or services. Some use price lists that apply to specific groups of customers, and some just rely on sales prices. Therefore, Business Central provides flexibility in defining and updating price lists.

Feature details

When you enable Allow Editing Active Price on the Sales & Receivables Setup and Purchase & Payables Setup pages, you can edit prices even though the price list they belong to is active.

Allow Editing Active Price setting in Sales & Receivables Setup page

After you enter a new price, Business Central will ask you to verify it against other price list lines. This helps avoid duplicate prices or inconsistencies. You can verify modified prices by choosing Verify Lines on the Price List Lines page.

Item price that belongs to active price list that can now be changed

When Allow Editing Active Price is turned off, if you want to update prices in a price list, you must change the status of the price list to Draft, make your change, and then activate the price list.


You need to enable Feature Update: New sales pricing experience on the Feature Management page to use this capability.

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