Grant and revoke B2B e-commerce business partner user admin privileges

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Admins, makers, marketers, or analysts, automatically - Oct 30, 2021

Business value

This feature enhances the productivity of users of a business partner organization in a B2B scenario by making it possible for admins to grant and revoke admin privileges.

Feature details

As a part of the onboarding process for a business partner organization, the person initiating the request to become a business partner is designated as the admin user for that partner. In the capacity as the admin, this person has some enhanced privileges. Organizations might have a need to designate additional users as admins or revoke the admin privileges of an existing admin. This feature enables an admin user to designate and revoke admin privileges for a different business partner user.

The following capabilities are planned as part of this feature:

  • A user with admin privileges can grant admin privileges to one or more non-admin users.
  • A user with admin privileges can revoke the admin access of one or more admin users.
  • The ability to validate that at least one admin user is associated with a customer hierarchy.

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