Delete an instance

You can delete Sandbox instances to recover the licenses and storage space or to prevent them from being used by mistake. In order to delete a Production instance, you must first switch to a Sandbox instance and then delete the Sandbox instance. You can delete a Support instance directly.

Delete an instance

  1. Browse to the Microsoft 365 admin center and sign in using Office 365 Global administrator credentials.


    Consider using the less privileged service admin role instead of the global admin role. See Use the service admin role to manage your tenant.

  2. Click Admin centers > Dynamics 365.

  3. Choose the Instances tab.

  4. Select the instance that you want, and then click Delete.


    Your data will be lost! Be sure you’ve selected the correct instance.

  5. Click Confirm to delete the instance.

Deleting an instance doesn’t change the number of your licenses purchased. For example, say you have two instances - one Sandbox and one Production - and you decide to delete your Sandbox instance. After the delete has successfully completed, you’ll see one Production instance and one instance to configure in the Instance tab of the Manage your Dynamics 365 updates page.