Configure and enable email engagement

Enabling the email engagement helps the user in your organization to receive alerts and reminders that help build customer relationships.


If you enable email engagement, we strongly recommend that you also enable Assistant, because email engagement relies on some of its features.


By enabling this feature, you consent to share data about your customers' email activity with an external system. Data imported from external systems into Dynamics 365 Sales Insights are subject to our privacy statement.


Verify the following prerequisites before enabling email engagement for your organization:

Enable email engagement

  1. Sign in to Dynamics 365 Sales and go to Sales Hub app.

  2. Go to Change area and select Sales Insights settings.

    Select Sales Insights settings option

  3. On the Sales Insights settings page, select Grant Permissions from the Email engagement (fee) section.

    Email engagement grant permissions

    a confirmation message is displayed in a tab. Close the tab and proceed to set up email engagement.


    If you have already grant permissions, this step will be skipped. You don't have to grant permissions to Email engagement again.

  4. On the Email engagement section, select Set up and then select the toggle to enable.

    Enable Email engagement

    Email engagement is enabled and ready to use in your organization.

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