Setting Up a Company With RapidStart Services

You can set up a new company in Business Central with RapidStart Services, which is a tool designed to shorten deployment times, improve quality of implementation, introduce a repeatable approach to implementations, and enhance productivity by automating and simplifying recurring tasks.

RapidStart Services helps you gain an overview of the setup process of your new company by providing a worksheet in which you can set up the tables often involved in the configuration process of new companies. As you do this, you can create a questionnaire to guide your customers through the collection of setup information. Your customers have the option of using the questionnaire to set up application areas, or they can open the setup page directly and do the setup there. Most importantly, RapidStart Services helps you, as a customer, prepare the company with default setup data that you can fine-tune and customize. Lastly, when you use RapidStart Services, you can configure and migrate existing customer data, such as a list of customers or items, into the new company.

You can use the following components to speed up your company setup:

  • Configuration wizard
  • Configuration worksheet
  • Configuration packages
  • Configuration templates
  • Configuration questionnaire


There are areas of Business Central that you must set up manually. These include adding users, setting up accounting periods, and setting up dimensions for business intelligence. For more information, see Setting Up Business Central.

The following table describes a sequence of tasks with links to topics that describe them.

To See
Create a new company and import basic setup data and templates. Set Up Company Configuration
Deploy the configured package to your customer for implementation. Apply Configurations to New Companies
Define and validate your customer's setup values for all core areas, such as company information, general ledger, inventory, sales, or manufacturing. Gather Customer Setup Values
Configure core master data records using templates to prepare to migrate existing customer data. Prepare to Migrate Customer Data
Define tables and fields, validate existing customer data, and migrate data into the Business Central database. Migrate Customer Data
Prepare to reuse company configurations in other companies (in the developer and administration content). Create Custom Company Configuration Packages
Find solutions to known issues in the RapidStart Services toolkit. Tips and Tricks: RapidStart Services

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