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Generating Delta files

You can use the Compare-NAVApplicationObject powershell cmdlet to generate .delta files from two versions of a set of application objects.

The cmdlet has a ExportToNewSyntax switch that allows generating .delta files that can be used as a starting point for creating V2 extensions. Setting the ExportToNewSyntax flag generates .delta files that contain additional information needed to generate the correct structure and layout of V2 extension objects.


The Txt2Al conversion tool will reject .delta files that were generated without using the -ExportToNewSyntax flag.

Using the ExportToNewSyntax switch for the Compare-NAVApplicationObject cmdlet produces a .delta file that can be converted to a V2 extension.

The ExportToNewSyntax flag

Parameter Description
Type SwitchParameter
Aliases None
Position Named
Default value None
Accept pipeline input False
Accept wildcard characters False


Compare-NAVApplicationObject -OriginalPath "C:\PageWith2Controls.txt" -ModifiedPath "C:\PageWith3Controls.txt" -ExportToNewSyntax

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