TryFunction Attribute

Version: Available from runtime version 2.0.

Specifies the method to be a try method, which can be used to catch and handle errors and exceptions that occur when code is run.

Applies to

  • AL methods


In test and upgrade codeunits, this property only applies to normal methods as specified by the Normal Attribute (Test Codeunits) or MethodType Property (Upgrade Codeunits).


local procedure MyTryMethod()


Try methods in AL enable you to handle errors that occur in the application during code execution. For example, with try methods, you can provide more user-friendly error messages to the end user than those thrown by the system. You can use try methods to catch errors/exceptions that thrown by Business Central or exceptions that are thrown during .NET Framework interoperability operations.

For more information, see Handling Errors by Using Try Methods.

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