CompressionType Property

Specifies whether data compression is used on the table, and if so, what type of compression is used.

Applies To

  • Table objects.

    The TableType property must be Normal. This property cannot be used on table extension objects.

Property Values

Value Description
None Do not use compression on the table.
Page Compress the table on a page-level. This includes row, prefix, and dictionary compression.
Row Compress the table on a row-level.
Unspecified Use the compression type that is specified externally on the table, for example, in SQL Server.


With None, Page, and Row, the Business Central table synchronization process will make changes to table in SQL Server, overwriting the current compression setting in SQL Server, if any. Unspecified lets you control data compression directly on SQL Server.

For information about compression types, see Data Compression.


CompressionType = None|Page|Row|Unspecified; 


The following code snippet sets page-level compression on table 50100.

table 50100 MyTable
    TableType = Normal;
    CompressionType = Page;


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