SubType Property (Codeunit)

Sets the codeunit to method as a normal, test, test runner, or upgrade codeunit.

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Property Value

Value Description
Normal A normal codeunit. This is the default setting.
Test A test codeunit includes AL methods that test the application.
TestRunner A test runner codeunit manages the execution of one or more test codeunits.
Upgrade An upgrade codeunit includes AL methods for synchronizing changes to a table definition in an application with the business data table in SQL Server and migrating existing data.
Install An install codeunit includes AL methods for performing operations unconcerned with the extension code itself during the initial installation and the reinstallation of an extension.


SubType = Normal;


You can create test codeunits and test runner codeunits to test your application.

You write test methods as AL code in the test codeunits. When a test codeunit runs, it executes the OnRun trigger and then executes each test method in the codeunit, records the outcome in a log, and displays the results in a message window. The continuation of the test method run is dependent on successful run of the OnRun trigger. The difference between a normal codeunit and a test codeunit is their execution at run time. When a normal codeunit is run, if one of its methods fails, then the codeunit is terminated. When a test codeunit is run, if a method fails, then the method is terminated, but the codeunit continues to run the remaining methods.

A test runner codeunit runs the test codeunits that are programmed to run from its OnRun trigger. When a test runner codeunit runs, it does the following:

  • Calls the OnBeforeTestRun Trigger before each test codeunit, and the OnRun trigger and test method is executed.

  • Calls the OnAfterTestRun Trigger after each test code unit, and the OnRun trigger and test method is executed.

  • Indicates that a test method has failed if it invokes the user interface.

When developing a new extension version, you can use upgrade codeunits to upgrade data from the previous version and make it compatible with the new one. For more information, see Upgrading Extensions.

For more information on how to use install codeunits to write extension install code, see Writing Extension Install Code.

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