Accountant Portal for Business Central

This application provides a dashboard with summary data for each client of an accountant. The portal displays financial KPIs as well as a direct link to the client’s financial application.

The dashboard is a highly specialized Role Center for a better overview of your clients.
Accountant Portal

When you first install the extension, a sample company helps you get started. You can delete the sample company at any time.

Installing the Extension

When you install the extension in your Business Central, you will be asked if you want to use it now. If you do, then you must sign out and sign in again, because the extension replaces your current Role Center and adds permissions to your user profile.

For more information, see Accountant Experiences in Business Central .


The current version of the extension requires that your clients use Business Central.

Using the extension

This extension will be deprecated in a few months. We recommend that you do not install this extension but sign up for Dynamics 365 — Accountant Hub at Business Central for Accountants on instead.

For more information, see Welcome to Dynamics 365 — Accountant Hub.

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