The Microsoft Pay Extension

Customers continuously require higher customer service, both in terms of the quality of product but also in terms of delivery and payment services. The Microsoft Pay service helps you increase your customer service.

The Microsoft Pay extension adds a Microsoft Pay link to your sales documents so customers can easily pay using Microsoft Pay. Then you can send the documents by email to provide higher customer service and shorten the time it takes for customers’ payments to arrive on your bank account.

The Microsoft Pay extension provides the following benefits:

  • Customer payments appear faster on your bank account.
  • Customers have more ways to pay invoices.
  • Microsoft Pay offers a trustworthy payment service, which customers prefer to entering credit card information on unknown web sites.
  • Microsoft Pay offers multiple ways of handling payments, including credit card processing, such as PayPal and Stripe.
  • The Microsoft Pay link can be embedded automatically on every invoice document or by the user.
  • Because this functionality is built as an extension, it gives you full control to enable it when and if your business processes require it.

Enabling payment service extensions is free in Business Central, however, you will need to contact the payment service to get an account. For more information, see Enable Customer Payment Through Payment Services.

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