Learning catalog for business and technical decision makers considering Dynamics 365 Commerce

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The following catalog is organized from core knowledge to specific domains, and from most basic to most advanced. If content exists in multiple formats, we'll let you know, so that you can choose the training format that best meets your needs.

For training about features shared with other Finance and Operations apps, see the Dynamics 365 Finance Learning Catalog.

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Learn the business value of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform This learning experience will take you on a journey that will begin by showing you how digital transformation and the power of business applications can transform your business. We will cover how Dynamics 365 and Power Platform help you make informed decisions based on your organization’s needs and goals, through four building blocks of digital transformation—modern, unified, intelligent, and adaptable. Free, self-paced online learning path 6.5 hours
Get started with Dynamics 365 Commerce Dynamics 365 Commerce, built on the proven Dynamics 365 Retail capabilities, delivers a comprehensive omnichannel solution that unifies back-office, in-store, call center, and digital experiences. Dynamics 365 Commerce enables you to build brand loyalty through personalized customer engagements, increase revenue with improved employee productivity, optimize operations to reduce costs and drive supply chain efficiencies, ultimately delivering better business outcomes. Free, self-paced online learning path 2 hours
Get started with Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection is a cloud-based solution designed for e-commerce, brick-and-mortar stores and omnichannel merchants, to help protect their revenue and reputation by providing tools and capabilities to decrease fraud and abuse, reduce operational expenses and increase acceptance rates, while safeguarding user accounts from fraud exposure. Free, self-paced online learning path 35 minutes