Onboard your organization and users

This content also applies to the on-premises version.

New to Customer Engagement apps? We've put together step-by-step guidance whether you’re still evaluating Customer Engagement apps, ready to make a purchase, or ready to onboard your organization and users.


This topic is targeted at administrators for Customer Engagement apps. Many of the features covered in this topic are also available for Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement apps (on-premises). If a feature is available only for Customer Engagement apps, it’s indicated in the topic. For more information about which features are online only, see Online-only features in Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement

Step One: Try out Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement apps (online) in a free 30-day trial

If you haven’t already purchased Customer Engagement apps, we recommend you start with a free 30-day trial. You can try out any of the Customer Engagement apps, including Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, Project Service Automation, Operations, or Financials.

To get the most out of your free trial, watch this video: How to get the most out of your 30-day trial.

Step Two: Buy and manage a subscription

With Customer Engagement apps, you can evolve your business on your terms. Start with just what you need to run your business. For example, you might want to start with the Customer Engagement apps for Sales app or the Customer Engagement apps for Customer Service app, and then add more apps as your needs change. More information: Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement

There are four ways to buy a subscription of Customer Engagement apps:

  • Convert from a trial

  • Buy direct

  • Buy through volume licensing

  • Buy through a cloud solution provider

Convert from a trial

The simplest way to buy Customer Engagement apps is to click the Buy Now button from one of the sidebars in the free 30-day trial:

Trial Buy Now button on Learning Path sidebar


If your trial has expired, you’ll receive an email that includes a Buy Today button.

When you convert from a trial, you keep any customizations you made during the trial period.

More information: Introduction to solutions

Buy direct

To buy direct, go to the Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement apps pricing page. This page includes several different plans to fit your organization’s needs.

Buy through volume licensing

If your organization has 250 or more Customer Engagement apps users, you may be interested in purchasing a Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement apps enterprise licensing agreement.

Buy through a cloud solution provider

A cloud solution provider can work closely with you to understand the needs of your business or organization. Learn how to find a Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement apps partner.

Choose your support

Microsoft provides flexible, industry-leading support, services, and resources that enable users to quickly address technical issues and maximize return on your Customer Engagement apps investment. Choose a plan that best meets your business requirements. More information: Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement apps support

Set up points of contacts for communications

Microsoft regularly maintains and updates Customer Engagement apps to ensure security, performance, and availability, and to provide new features and functionality. From time to time, Microsoft also responds to service incidents. For each of these activities, the Customer Engagement apps admin for your organization receives email notifications. You have control over who should receive these email communications.

More information:

Manage subscriptions, licenses, and user accounts

As a Microsoft Online Services administrator, you manage the Customer Engagement apps subscription, including billing and payments, user licenses, accounts and registration. You do these tasks in the Office 365 admin center. More information: Manage subscriptions, licenses, and user accounts

Add a Partner of Record to share account details with your partner

Many customers choose to work with a designated Microsoft partner to set up, customize, deploy, and administer their Customer Engagement instance(s). If you have a partner assisting you, this process can be facilitated by selecting a designated Partner of Record (POR) inside the Office 365 Portal. This enables the sharing of select details, such as contact and user information with your POR. Sharing this information will allow your partner to more quickly access information about your account, create support requests on your behalf, and work with Microsoft to assist with your accounts. More information: Manage subscriptions, licenses, and user accounts

Step Three: Plan your deployment and learn about FastTrack

Microsoft FastTrack for Customer Engagement is our customer success service designed to help you move to Customer Engagement smoothly and confidently, so you can realize business value faster. When you participate in the FastTrack program, you will receive guidance on best practices and how to plan for successful rollouts. You will also learn ways to enable new users and expand capabilities – all at your own pace. Additionally, you will have access to Microsoft engineering resources committed to make your experience with Customer Engagement a success.

More information: Use the FastTrack customer success service to plan a successful Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement apps rollout.

Plan your deployment

Many decisions you make at the beginning and throughout the deployment process can have downstream effects and impact other phases of the plan. Developing a plan to deploy Customer Engagement apps is important in determining the actions to take from inception to go live. The amount of resources involved in planning depends on the size and scope of the project. Large organizations may need a deployment team, while a small organization may assign these functions to a key person.

Often times an organization will employ an independent software vendor (ISV), value-added reseller, or partner to help implement and maintain a Customer Engagement apps deployment. Partners bring experience, best practices, and industry expertise that will be valuable in the planning and deployment process. Find a partner if you don’t have one.

More information:

Step Four: Onboard your organization

After you purchase a subscription to Customer Engagement apps, it’s time to onboard your organization.

Sign in to Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement apps (online) and manage your subscription

Add users and assign security roles

Customer Engagement apps uses role-based security. The security role assigned to a user determines the tasks the user is permitted to perform and the data the user is permitted to view. Every user must be assigned at least one security role to access Customer Engagement apps.

More information:

Optional: Transfer customizations from your free 30-day trial

If you made customizations to your free trial, you can transfer those customizations to your Production instance.

More information:

For more advanced scenarios, consider the following development tools: Solution tools for team development.

Manage storage

You can manage your organization’s data storage capacity in connection with your subscription to Customer Engagement apps. The type of subscription you purchase determines the amount of storage initially allocated to your organization. If you run out of storage, you can add more.

More information:

Create a Sandbox (non-Production instance)

You can create a Sandbox instance (non-production environment) for development, testing, training, and other non-production uses. Then when you’re ready to turn the Sandbox instance into your Production instance, you can switch it.

You get one free Sandbox instance with your purchase of Customer Engagement apps. You can also purchase additional Sandbox instances.

More information:

Set organization-wide system settings

When you first set up Customer Engagement apps, you’ll want to set system-wide settings.

More information:

Import and export data

Customer Engagement apps provides an import tool for importing simple data stored in files. If the import tool doesn't satisfy your data import requirements, you may want to contact a partner. Find a partner if you don’t have one.

More information:

Customer Engagement apps also provides advanced tools for exporting to Azure SQL Database. More information: Replicate data to Azure SQL Database using Data Export Service

Set up Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement apps for phones and Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement apps for tablets

The Customer Engagement apps mobile apps make it easy to stay connected with your prospects and customers no matter where you are, or what mobile device you’re using. Having access to Customer Engagement apps data in the field also improves user adoption and productivity.

More information: