Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement
General Availability Readme (Known Issues)

This document provides important, late-breaking information about this product version:

  • Dynamics 365 (online), version 9.0

You’ll also find information about known issues and possible workarounds.

Services and apps availability

Services and Apps GA Public Preview Private Preview
Dynamics 365 for Sales, and Dynamics 365 for Customer Service X
Dynamics 365 for Field Service X
Dynamics 365 for Project Service X
Portal capabilities for Dynamics 365 X
Relevance Search Enhancements X
Learning Path X
Resource Scheduling Optimizer X
Glympse X
Connected Field Service (Internet of Things) X
Machine Learning X
Office 365 Group X
Gamification X
Organizational Insights X
CaféX Live Assist X
Document recommendations X
Company News X
Unified Service Desk X
Voice of the Customer X
Dynamics 365 App for Outlook X
Relationship Insights - Auto Data Capture X
Relationship Insights - Relationship Assistance X
Relationship Insights - Email Engagement X
Customer Insights X
LinkedIn (Lead Gen Forms only) X
Cortana X
Mobile offline (Dynamics 365 for tablets and phones) X
Relationship Insights - Relationship Analytics X

Sales and Customer Service web client apps

  • Sample data does not get installed under Settings > Data Management.

  • Core Marketing:

    • Activities are not created after the campaign activity is distributed.

    • Unable to add members in a locked marketing list by selecting Add using advanced find.

    • Unable to create a dynamic marketing list.

    • Unable to add members in a marketing list by selecting Add using advanced find.

    • Occasionally unable to unsubscribe an account, contact, or lead from the campaign activity.

  • Suggestions are not available on the Product sub-grid in Quote, Order, or Invoice forms.

  • Unable to create a new data source entity when there are spaces in the entity’s name.

  • The campaign response form does not load, so it can’t be converted to a lead.

  • Unable to convert a campaign response to a lead.

  • Unable to open a Campaign Activity page to unsubscribe an account, contact, or lead, or to update a campaign.

  • Unable to add a custom view as a subcomponent for the Account entity in a solution.

  • Using the Customer Service Representative role, the user is unable to save a case for a customer with Entitlement setting for Decrease Remaining On upon Case Creation. There is no issue in saving a case record otherwise.

  • Pricing error notifications are not displayed on the Quote Order Invoice detail forms.

  • Unable to Add Quote from an opportunity form for products that are read-only.

  • The Save & Close command for a Price List Item displays an error and does not close the window properly.

Sales Hub and Customer Service Hub apps

For best performance, the following table shows the recommended app to use in the browser or on mobile devices for each scenario.

Service Unified Interface app in a browser Unified Interface app on mobile Web client in a browser
Sales Sales Hub Sales
Customer Service – Knowledge management scenarios Customer Service Hub Customer Service Hub
Customer Service - Case management scenarios Customer Service Hub Customer Service

Sales Hub app on Dynamics 365 for tablets and Dynamics 365 for phones

  • An error is displayed on iPads whenever a user tries to add a product to an opportunity. The workaround is to dismiss the error.

  • The command bar action of a sub-grid that has no title (Opportunity product, Opportunity Quotes) appears as an ellipsis above the grid but is not aligned correctly.

  • Web resources are not rendered on the dashboards.

  • Web resources and iframe tags are not displayed with the height and width they’re allocated in the mobile app configuration.

  • The Quote command bar is missing icons.

  • Opportunity Product Quick Create opens in a new window instead of through a sliding dialog box.

  • On activities, Convert to Opportunity and Convert to Case are not available

Customer Service Hub app on Dynamics 365 for tablets and Dynamics 365 for phones

  • Forms

    • When you install the Community portal, the Read-only in Mobile metadata flag is enabled for the Case entity. This results in the Case entity being read-only in the Customer Service Hub. The workaround is to go to entity customizations, and for the Case entity metadata, clear the Read-only in mobile check box. Then, select Save and Publish all customizations.

    • In certain Trial organizations, saving knowledge articles causes a duplicate record error due to an issue with the knowledge article sequence number. The workaround is to update the prefix of the knowledge article public number (Settings > Administration > Auto Numbering > Knowledge Articles) or update the article sequence number by using an API.

    • The Case business process flow is not available when a new case is being created. It is available after the Case form is saved.

    • Phone to case process: The Find Case option on the Identify stage is not available for update for an existing case.

    • On devices, changing the owner value by using the owner lookup is not functional. The workaround is to use the Assign action from the command bar.

    • The Similar Cases sub-grid is not available on the Case form.

    • Email is read-only on the Customer Service Hub.

    • Links in the body of an email are not selectable.

    • Scrolling in the body of an email stops working after the user opens any attachment. The workaround is to refresh the form.

    • On opening the read-only user and Entitlement form, a script error is displayed.

    • The Knowledge Articles Related Translations sub-grid is hidden when the user zooms in.

    • Anchor links are not working in the Knowledge Search control.

  • Quickly navigating from Activities forms while they are still loading might lead to intermittent errors in the application.

  • On activities, Convert to Case and Convert to Opportunity are not available

  • Other

  • User and team queues are not available in the Add to Queue lookup.

  • Fallback forms are shown for the main forms for Category, Feedback, and Knowledge Article View entities, because their intended main forms (called interactive forms) are inactive by default. The workaround is to activate the forms manually. This issue will be fixed in the upcoming release, but orgs upgrading from Potassium Preview will need to manually activate the forms.

  • Invalid commands are visible for custom activities from the site map.

App modules and the App Designer

  • The app module URL suffix provides a friendly URL for the app module in the form <server url>/apps/sales. Admins can set this URL suffix for their organization to provide their users a friendly URL. However, this URL suffix cannot be exported or imported via solutions at this time.

  • In some versions of the Firefox browser, the check boxes on the Create App page in the app designer don’t appear.

  • Any change in the name of a chart or dashboard made through corresponding editors launched from the app designer will be reflected in the app designer for the app module only after refresh.

  • The Custom Business Process Flow entity that is created for a custom business process flow might not get automatically added to the app designer canvas when the business process flow is added to the app module.

View designer

  • When the view designer is opened, sample data from several columns overlap intermittently.

  • When filters are ungrouped, the order of the filters is not persisted.

Data visualization

Dashboards in Unified Interface

  • Users will experience some right-to-left issues, such as the dashboard picker and label are not properly aligned.

  • On a Windows 10 phone or Internet Explorer, users will experience problems on the dashboard because this device and browser are not supported.

Interactive dashboards in Unified Interface

  • Interactive dashboards are not supported in offline mode.

  • Any metadata settings in option sets to configure visual filter colors have no effect, and charts will not be rendered in customized colors.

  • Occasionally, streams don’t show any data for the records. The workaround is to reload the application.

  • Occasionally, filtering doesn’t work on custom interactive dashboards. The workaround is to reload the application.

  • When an activity grid is configured to be rendered as a calendar control, the Open Dashboards command opens the Activity Pointer dashboard instead of the actual activity dashboard.

  • Doughnut charts, pie charts; and other charts might not be rendered correctly; this can affect the usability of some of the charts in visual filters.

  • Doughnut and tag charts hide other data points when filtering is done on them and show only the data point that was used for filtering.

  • In global filters and applied filters, the default minimum value of numeric data type appears in scientific notation instead of decimal.

  • Under certain conditions, after you select Switch to Tile View or Switch to Stream View, some of the tiles and streams might show a See more action. This action is not intended to be shown and will be fixed in a future release.

  • Filtering by using multi-select option sets in global filters is not supported.

Charts in Unified Interface

  • Charts show the message “Loading” when the user does not have the read privilege for the chart’s underlying entity.

  • On devices, a pie chart with too many slices might not show all data indexes.

  • On iOS devices, a chart in expand mode might look blurred.

  • Filters on a chart are not preserved. If you select Hide Chart and then Show Chart, the chart filter is lost and all the data in the entire view is reloaded.

  • On phone devices, the chart overlaps the records available in a grid after you close the expanded view for the grid page.

  • On some grids, the Show Chart button shows an empty chart selector because no chart exists for the underlying entity.

  • Users will experience some right-to-left issues on charts, such as tooltips not showing up.

  • When you select Show Chart on a grid while in offline mode, no chart will be displayed.

Timeline control

  • Trying to enable Show Filter Pane in the configuration property of the Timeline control in a dashboard shows the message “An unexpected error occurred.” This is a transient problem; the workaround is to close the dashboard editor and refresh the page.

  • In certain resolutions on dashboards, when you open the filter pane in the Timeline control, the filter pane almost covers the Timeline control and the user cannot see the records. The workaround is to customize the dashboard and increase the height of the Timeline control.

  • In dashboards, if the Timeline control is too short, some filters will not be visible because the filter pane is not scrollable.

Field controls and mobile application in Unified Interface

  • Visual controls are not fully functional.

  • Selecting a location card does not open the map in the native app of the device.

  • The Phone Call activity quick-create form is not opened when the call action is initiated on the mobile app.

  • Date fields cannot be set in Internet Explorer 11, Firefox, or Edge.

  • The date-time control uses browser locale as opposed to user locale for editing.

  • On Android devices, when you perform a quick create and use the Duration field, the inline mode of editing the duration value causes the entire quick create form to scroll up. The workaround is to swipe down to locate the Duration field, and then continue the update. There are no issues with using the out-of-the-box values when you use the Duration field selector (down arrow).

  • In text controls, long strings are not getting wrapped in read mode.

  • Unable to add an unresolved email ID to a party list.

  • Incorrect quick-create forms are rendered when a new record is created by using +New in the Regarding lookup field.

  • The Lookup most recently used list doesn't take into account the lookup view.

  • Unable to change the value of the Owner field in the header fields section.

  • For related grids, command flyouts do not open in See More mode.

  • Entities that have not been enabled for Unified Interface appear in multiple-entity grids (for example, the Activity grid).

  • Device settings are not preserved across app restarts for an online org with no cache.

  • Cache mode does not work for disconnected mode.

Grids and lists in Unified Interface

  • On tablets, in some languages, the index (character) filters might be displayed too close to each other. The workaround is to use the Search command to find records that begin with a certain character.

  • The due date filter on an activities grid might not work as expected in conjunction with other filters on the page, such as the view selector and index (character) filters.

  • On tablets, resizing column width on grids can be harder because of the smaller dragging touch target. The workaround is to change the column width in the view definition if some columns need to be wider.

Multi-select option set in Unified Interface

  • The multi-select option set control always appears in edit mode.

  • The multi-select option set control drop-down arrow appears as a square box.

  • The control is not aligned correctly on iOS devices.

  • The control UI is not displayed correctly on Android 5.

Timer control in Unified Interface

  • SLA Timer does not pause or resume when a case is put on hold or resumed. The workaround is to refresh the form.

Subject control in Unified Interface

  • The subject tree is not displayed when the Subject attribute is selected while converting an activity to a case and when creating a case by using the quick create mode.

Dynamics 365 App for Outlook

  • Dynamics 365 App for Outlook is currently available as a Public Preview and can be enabled through System Settings > Previews tab > Enable Dynamics 365 App for Outlook Preview. The previously released version of the app is not supported with this release.

  • Initial loading might take some time.

  • When selecting See more to see more entities, Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2016 display an add-in error, Chrome and IE 11 display a “long running script” error message, and Edge displays a blank screen for a while and then navigates to the previous page.

  • On Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2016, Outlook frequently displays “add-in error.”

  • On IE 11, IE frequently displays a “long running script” error message.

  • When navigating to a record’s main form, Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2016 display an add-in error; in Chrome and IE 11 the app displays a “Script Error” message.

  • When entering text in the Look for Records field when you set regarding, in Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2016, some of the characters disappear. On Chrome, IE 11, and Edge the lookup sometimes stays in the “Loading…” state forever.

  • The Back button does not work on Outlook 2016 and Outlook 2013. On browsers, selecting the back icon navigates to the previous webpage (this is the same action as selecting the browser Back button).

  • The ability to follow and email while composing is not available.

  • The app is not supported while accessing it from Outlook Web Application from Safari or Firefox.

  • The app is currently not supported on Outlook for Mac.

  • While scrolling in the app, the action might be delayed or the app might become unresponsive for few seconds.

  • When tracking / set regarding to an email, and selecting View email in Dynamics 365, one of sections in the email entity might display an error “You not a member of this organization.”

Inactivity timeout

  • Inactivity timeout is not enforced in the following clients:

    • Outlook

    • Dynamics 365 for tablets

    • Dynamics 365 for phones

    • Unified Service Desk using the WPF browser

    • Unified Interface

    • Live Assist (Chat)

  • Portal capabilities for Dynamics 365 has its own session and inactivity timeout settings that are independent of the timeout settings in System Settings. This is by design.

Business process flows

Action Steps

This feature is in Public Preview and can be activated under System Settings. When activated, users should observe the following behaviors:

  • Action steps within business process flows cannot use process actions that contain any of the following: any input or output arguments of type Entity, EntityCollection, or Option Set (picklist); more than one output argument of type EntityReference; or any input arguments of type EntityReference.

  • Action steps on business process flows cannot be exported or imported as part of a solution.

  • When configured with an on-demand (real-time) workflow and called from the mobile Unified Interface, an action step on a business process flow will cause an error message and will not complete the operation successfully.

Business process entity customization

This feature is in Public Preview and can be activated under System Settings. When activated, users should observe the following behavior:

  • When a new business process definition is added to an application through the app designer, the corresponding business process entity is also added to the site map if the primary data entity for that business process is already on the site map.

Web client visual refresh

  • Because the font size for list and grid views has been slightly increased, column data might be constrained, depending on the data you have. We are considering whether to increase column widths or decrease font size in a later release.

  • Some empty areas can occasionally be seen on certain forms, for example a marketing list. Select Ctrl+F5 to remove these.

  • Empty sub-grids show a message with the entity schema name instead of the display name.

  • Star symbols for fields secured via field-level security, might be incorrectly positioned in certain cases, for example in a multi-select option set field that has been secured by field-level security.

  • The mandatory field indicator in some bulk edit forms might be positioned incorrectly.

  • Sort and filter icons are incorrectly positioned on the activity wall on iPad.

  • The calculator icon might be incorrectly positioned in certain rollup fields and calculated fields.

  • Gray shading on the web client forms:

    • Does not appear on a new form in create mode.

    • Does not change dynamically when the height of a field or component changes and might leave an empty space. However, this empty space will disappear on refresh

Project Service Automation

  • Product bundles do not work correctly on project-based opportunities, quotes, and orders.

  • The Contract Performance tab does not work correctly for project contracts in the amounts for actual costs and actual effort.

  • The project estimated cost and actual cost fields only show labor cost amounts and not expense cost amounts.

  • When there are multiple project price lists with overlapping date ranges, the price defaulted to for roles and expense categories might be indeterministic.

  • Taxes of Fixed Price Milestones do not generate separate tax actuals. Transactions representing taxes collected/paid are typically recorded as actuals along with the main transaction. However, taxes for milestones are not recorded as a separate actual entry. The tax amount gets combined with the milestone amount, and the actual is recorded for the entire amount.

  • When a project is linked to a contract and the customer field on the project gets updated in the process, the change is not propagated to actuals.

  • Project Opportunity is not shown on the Sales tab of the project in the Opportunities section.

  • In languages other than English, the Invoice Line page does not show actions under the New ribbon action.

  • The Confirm button and the + button to add new lines are not disabled on the journal details page for journals that are already confirmed.

  • Contract confirmation does not correctly process unbilled actuals that came from journals. Unbilled sales actuals are cancelled and reversed by contract confirmation.

Cortana integration with Dynamics 365

  • The Cortana integration with Dynamics 365 provides access to sales activities, accounts, and tasks through Cortana. However, reactive Cortana commands using voice or text are not available currently. Voice or text commands such as "Dynamics 365 open account called Contoso" or "CRM find account called Contoso" will be redirected to open as a web search in Bing. Although the rest of the capabilities are still available, we are working on these reactive commands and plan to release them in a future update.

Third-party notice

Third-party notice