Azure extensions for Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

Applies to Dynamics 365 (online), version 9.x

Dynamics 365 (online) Customer Engagement supports integration with Azure. Developers can register plug-ins with Dynamics 365 that can pass run-time message data, known as the execution context, to one or more Azure solutions in the cloud. This is especially important for Dynamics 365 (online) because Azure is one of two supported solutions for communicating run-time context obtained in a plug-in to external line-of-business (LOB) applications. The other solution is the external custom endpoint access capability from a plug-in registered in the sandbox.

The Azure Service Bus provides a secure communication channel for Dynamics 365 run-time data to external line of business applications. This capability is especially useful in keeping disparate Dynamics 365 systems or other Dynamics 365 servers synchronized with Dynamics 365 business data changes.

In This Section

Azure integration with Dynamics 365

Configure Microsoft Azure Integration with Dynamics 365

Work with Dynamics 365 data in your Azure solution

Work with Dynamics 365 event data in your Azure Event Hub solution

Write a Custom Azure-aware Plug-in

Write a Listener for a Microsoft Azure Solution

Walkthrough: Configure Microsoft Azure (SAS) for integration with Dynamics 365

Walkthrough: Register an Azure-aware Plug-in with Plug-in Registration Tool
Walkthrough: Update a service endpoint from ACS to SAS authorization

Walkthrough: Update a service endpoint imported from a solution

Sample Code for Dynamics 365-Azure Integration

Plug-ins for Extending Dynamics 365

Microsoft Azure Platform Developer Center

Microsoft Azure Service Bus