Insert, update, delete, and order global option set options

Applies to Dynamics 365 (online), version 9.x

These code samples show you how to insert, update, delete, and order options in a global option set.

Insert a new option

The following sample shows how to add a new option to a global option set by using InsertOptionValueRequest:

// Use InsertOptionValueRequest to insert a new option into a 
// global option set.
InsertOptionValueRequest insertOptionValueRequest =
    new InsertOptionValueRequest
        OptionSetName = _globalOptionSetName,
        Label = new Label("New Picklist Label", _languageCode)

// Execute the request and store the newly inserted option value 
// for cleanup, used in the later part of this sample.
_insertedOptionValue = ((InsertOptionValueResponse)_serviceProxy.Execute(

//Publish the OptionSet
PublishXmlRequest pxReq2 = new PublishXmlRequest { ParameterXml = String.Format("<importexportxml><optionsets><optionset>{0}</optionset></optionsets></importexportxml>", _globalOptionSetName) };

Update an option

The following sample shows how to update an option in a global option set by using UpdateOptionValueRequest:

// In order to change labels on option set values (or delete) option set
// values, you must use UpdateOptionValueRequest 
// (or DeleteOptionValueRequest).
UpdateOptionValueRequest updateOptionValueRequest =
    new UpdateOptionValueRequest
        OptionSetName = _globalOptionSetName,
        // Update the second option value.
        Value = optionList[1].Value.Value,
        Label = new Label("Updated Option 1", _languageCode)


//Publish the OptionSet
PublishXmlRequest pxReq3 = new PublishXmlRequest { ParameterXml = String.Format("<importexportxml><optionsets><optionset>{0}</optionset></optionsets></importexportxml>", _globalOptionSetName) };

Delete an option

The following sample shows how to deletes an option in a global option set by using DeleteOptionValueRequest:

// Use the DeleteOptionValueRequest message 
// to remove the newly inserted label.
DeleteOptionValueRequest deleteOptionValueRequest =
    new DeleteOptionValueRequest
    OptionSetName = _globalOptionSetName,
    Value = _insertedOptionValue

// Execute the request.

Order options

The following sample shows how to set the order of options in a global option set by using OrderOptionRequest:

// Change the order of the original option's list.
// Use the OrderBy (OrderByDescending) linq function to sort options in  
// ascending (descending) order according to label text.
// For ascending order use this:
var updateOptionList =
    optionList.OrderBy(x => x.Label.LocalizedLabels[0].Label).ToList();

// For descending order use this:
// var updateOptionList =
//      optionList.OrderByDescending(
//      x => x.Label.LocalizedLabels[0].Label).ToList();

// Create the request.
OrderOptionRequest orderOptionRequest = new OrderOptionRequest
    // Set the properties for the request.
    OptionSetName = _globalOptionSetName,
    // Set the changed order using Select linq function 
    // to get only values in an array from the changed option list.
    Values = updateOptionList.Select(x => x.Value.Value).ToArray()

// Execute the request

//Publish the OptionSet
PublishXmlRequest pxReq4 = new PublishXmlRequest { ParameterXml = String.Format("<importexportxml><optionsets><optionset>{0}</optionset></optionsets></importexportxml>", _globalOptionSetName) };

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