Organization entities

Applies to Dynamics 365 (online), version 9.x

An organization entity is internal to the customer relationship management process. The organization is the top level of the Dynamics 365 business hierarchy. The organization can be a specific business, a holding company, a corporation, and so on. An organization is divided into business units. Schema customization is done at this level.

A deployment is a single installation of Dynamics 365.

An announcement is a message that appears to all users on the home page of the web application. Announcements are owned by the organization and are represented by the BusinessUnitNewsArticle entity.

You can call the WhoAmIRequest message to find out the organization for the currently logged on or impersonated user.

Actions on the organization entity

An organization record is created when an organization is created in a deployment of Dynamics 365. To create, import, or delete an organization programmatically, you must use the deployment web service. After an organization is created, you can use the organization web service to retrieve or update the organization.

An organization can own records as defined in the ownership type in the metadata definition for an entity. More information: Entity Ownership

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