Package and distribute extensions using solutions

Applies to Dynamics 365 (online), version 9.x

In Dynamics 365 (online) Customer Engagement, solutions give you a framework for packaging, installing, and uninstalling components that provide specific business functionality. Solutions are used by ISVs and other Dynamics 365 solution providers to distribute extensions they create, but you’ll also use them to transfer customizations between different organizations you may use in your development process, such as separate development, test, and production organizations.

In This Section

Introduction to Solutions

Planning for Solution Development

Solution Components and Dependency Tracking

Create, Export, or Import an Unmanaged Solution

Create, Install, and Update a Managed Solution

Export a solution for a specific Dynamics 365 version

Uninstall or Delete a solution

Create Solutions that Support Multiple Languages

Solution Entities

Work with Solutions

Sample: Work With Solutions

Sample: Detect Solution Dependencies

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Supported Extensions for Dynamics 365

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Extend Dynamics 365 on the server

Extend Dynamics 365 on the client

Customize Dynamics 365 applications

Extend Dynamics 365 for Outlook

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Integrate Dynamics 365 with OneNote