Submit and approve time-off requests (Field Service)

Keep the schedule board in Dynamics 365 for Field Service up to date by logging time-off requests.

For example, if one of your field technicians is taking a vacation, it's important to log the request so that a dispatcher can see the time-off request on the schedule board when scheduling a work order.

When a resource has an approved time-off request, the scheduling assistant will not recommend that resource for a job in that time period, and the time slots for that resource will be grayedout on the schedule board to provide a visual notification to the dispatchers that the resource is not scheduled to be available during that time period.

If a bookable resource is set to require time-off approval, then when a time-off request is created for that resource, an approval request will be sent to that user's manager, before the time-off request is reflected in the schedule assistant and on the schedule board.

Submit a time-off request

  1. From the main menu, select Field Service > Time Off Requests.

  2. On the Active Time Off Request screen, select New.

  3. Use the tooltips to help fill in your information, and then select Save.

Approve a time-off request

  1. From the main menu, select Field Service > Time Off Requests.

  2. From the list of views, select the arrow, then select Active Time Off Requests. This shows a list of unapproved time-off requests.

  3. To approve a request, select it, and in the command bar at the top, select Approve.

  4. When the approval is completed, select OK.

  5. Approved time-off requests will change to status "Inactive." Inactive records can be found in the view Inactive Time Off Requests.

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