Frequently asked questions for Field Service - General


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Can I customize out-of-the-box web resources, option sets, or security roles?

No, this is not supported. Organizations that customize these components may not immediately cause the environment to break, but eventually, as Microsoft releases changes to the customized components, the changes will not be applied to the top layer of that component. The specific customized layer will override all future changes. This will almost certainly eventually cause the instances that have customized these components to experience unpredictable errors and behavior.

Why are there work orders with duplicate work order numbers?

This is a known issue that was fixed in Field Service version that lets you apply the Dynamics 365 auto numbering system to the work order entity. To do this you must:

  1. Opt-in to the Auto Numbering function in Field Service Settings.
  2. Manage it in Dynamics Settings > Administration > Auto-Numbering.

Why can't cascade crew changes be disabled for a booking scheduled to a crew or group

This happens when a booking is assigned from a resource (not crew or group) to a crew or group and the value of msdyn_CascadeCrewChanges in the booking is set to false. To overcome this, open the booking and set the value of msdyn_CascadeCrewChanges to Yes. Then, re-perform the booking assignment to a crew. This will fix the error the user sees when assigning the booking to a crew.

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