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Applies to Dynamics 365 (online), version 9.x

Microsoft is continuously developing and improving online services. Though we roll out updates as soon as they're ready, we don't apply them automatically to customers' systems because most customers prefer to manage this process themselves--for example, by applying and testing updates on a sandbox instance before applying them to a production system.

Read this topic to get an overview of how to update Dynamics 365 for Marketing and its related solutions.

Solutions included with Dynamics 365 for Marketing

Dynamics 365 for Marketing is implemented using several different Dynamics 365 solutions, where a solution is a type of software package that adds functionality to your Dynamics 365 platform. Dynamics 365 for Marketing includes several solutions that are unique to the Marketing app, plus a few more that are available as separate apps or in other Dynamics 365 app bundles.

When you install Dynamics 365 for Marketing, all its solutions are installed by the setup wizard. However, when it comes to keeping your system up to date, you'll need to monitor and update each of the following types of solutions separately:

  • Core Marketing solutions: These are the solutions that provide core features that are unique to Marketing (including the Dynamics 365 Connector for LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms). Though there are several of these, you'll be able to maintain and update them all at once using a setup wizard like the one you used to install Marketing for the first time.
  • Voice of the Customer for Dynamics 365: This solution enables Dynamics 365 to host surveys and collect responses. It's also available as an add-on or bundle for other Dynamics 365 apps. You must update this solution separately from the other solutions included with Marketing, using its own update program.
  • Portals capabilities for Dynamics 365: This solution enables Dynamics 365 to host interactive portals that display and collect Dynamics 365 data, including the events portal and marketing pages. Like Voice of the Customer, you must update this solution using its own update program.

Find out when new updates are available

To find out when an update is available, regularly check the status of your apps and solutions in the Dynamics 365 admin center, as described in the following sections. It's also a good idea to participate in forums and follow blogs about Dynamics 365 for Marketing, where updates are likely to be announced and discussed.

Find and apply updates for core Marketing solutions

To find and apply available updates to all core Marketing solutions, including the LinkedIn Connector:

  1. Open the Dynamics 365 admin center.

  2. Select the Applications tab to see a list of applications you have installed.
    Open the Applications tab

    The list shows a row marked Dynamics 365 Marketing Application for each entitlement (license) you have for Dynamics 365 for Marketing. Free entitlements (which can't be updated) show a Status of Not configured. Installed entitlements show a Status of Configured and include the name of the instance where they are installed as part of their application name.

  3. Select the configured Marketing entitlement that you want to update and then select the Manage button The Manage button in the side panel.

  4. The Marketing setup wizard opens. It shows the name of the Dynamics 365 instance you are about to update. Make sure you have chosen the right one. Look for the Update packages button. If the update button isn't shown, then no updates are available for the current organization and you can just quit the wizard.
    Select the Update packages button

  5. If the Update packages button is shown, then select it to start the update. The update starts right away, and a page opens to track the progress of the update and will tell you when it's finished.

  6. Repeat this procedure for each Marketing organization that you have.

Find and apply updates for shared Marketing solutions


Always check for and apply core Marketing updates (as described in the previous section) before you look for shared-solution updates. This is because you will also see core-Marketing solutions listed when you follow the instructions provided in this section, but it is faster, easier, and safer to update them using the update wizard.

To update shared (non-core Marketing) solutions, including Voice of the Customer and Portals:

  1. Open the Dynamics 365 admin center and go to the Instances tab.
    Open the Instances tab

  2. If you have more than one Dynamics 365 instance, then each of them is listed here. Select the instance where you have Marketing installed.

  3. The column next to the instance list shows information about your selected instance, including a list of solutions installed there. Select the Manage your solutions button The Manage your solutions button next to the Solutions heading here.
    Select the Manage your solutions button

  4. A list of solutions installed on your selected instance is shown. Look in the Status column for any solutions that show a value of "Upgrade available." The solutions that are relevant for Marketing are "Dynamics 365 Portals – Base Portal" and "Voice of the Customer for Dynamics 365". If you have many solutions installed, then use the paging controls at the bottom to check each page for available updates.
    Select a solution to update


    As mentioned at the start of this procedure, you shouldn't update core Marketing solutions from here. Always run the Marketing update wizard first, before you start looking for shared-solution updates, to ensure that all your core Marketing solutions are already shown as up-to-date in this list.

  5. Select a solution marked as having an upgrade available and read the information shown in the side panel. Select the upgrade button The Upgrade button in the side panel and then follow the instructions on your screen to apply it.

  6. Repeat this procedure for each solution that requires an update.

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