Create and expose portal content easily

True potential of a Portal connected with Dynamics 365 is achieved when you can take the data from Dynamics 365 and make it available on your Portal to the right audience based on the user access. To create a web page using Entity Form and Entity List is a complex task. To simplify this process, a new administrative wizard is introduced. This wizard allows you to create and expose the portal content easily by filling-in the minimum required fields.

  1. Sign-in to Dynamics 365.
  2. Go to Portals > Administration > Portal Management. The Portal Management page is displayed.
  3. Click Create Portal Content. The Create Portal Content pop-up window is displayed.
  4. Specify the required details. If you need extra help, hover over any field to read the tooltips.

    • The Select your website field is pre-populated if only one website is available. The list is sorted alphabetically on the website name.
    • The Parent page in the content hierarchy field is pre-populated with the Home page.
    • The Partial URL field is populated based on the page name entered. If required, you can change the value.
    • The Layout field is pre-populated with the layout that is marked as default.
    • If you choose to expose the entity by selecting Expose organization entities in the portal, a few additional fields are displayed to gather information required to expose an entity using entity form and entity list. If you need extra help, hover over any field to read the tooltips. You can also select multiple views.
  5. Click Create.

    Create portal content using administrative wizard