Rate or vote on a webpage or blog post on a portal

Ratings provides users with the ability to rate or vote on a webpage or blog post. Ratings can also be enabled for comments on pages or blog posts. By default, this feature is disabled and can be enabled on a page-by-page basis within Dynamics 365.

Ratings are custom Dynamics 365 activities and thus can be used in the same way as any other activity such as emails, phone calls, and so on. Because Ratings are activities, it is possible,with customization, to have ratings appear for any entity you choose that appears and is rendered on the portal, including custom entities.

Enable ratings for pages and blog posts

  1. Login to Dynamics 365.
  2. Navigate to Portals.
  3. Click Web Pages.
  4. Double-click on the desired Web Page listed in the grid.
  5. Set Enable Ratings to Yes.
  6. Click Save & Close.

Use ratings

For webpages that have page ratings enabled and the developer has applied the control to the template, users can rate the page either by using the rating scale or voting, depending on the type chosen when the control was added to the page template.

Rating Type

Rating type

Vote Type

Vote type

Manage ratings in Dynamics 365

The ratings for webpages can be viewed, modified, or deleted within Dynamics 365.

  1. Login to Dynamics 365.
  2. Navigate to the Web page, Blog Post, Page Comment, or Blog Post Comment that you are interested in seeing the ratings for.
  3. Navigate to Activities.

The associated view lists the ratings for the selected webpage, blog post, or idea. Within this view, users can modify or delete existing ratings.

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