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Applies to Project Service app versions 2.x and 1.x

Upgrade from Project Service Automation version 2.x or 1.x to version 3.x

The release of Project Service Automation (PSA) version 3.x includes significant changes. This release is built on the Unified Interface framework for an improved user experience. The redesigned app delivers a consistent, uniform user interface, and follows responsive design principles for optimal viewing on any screen size or device. There have been other changes throughout the application including changes to pricing, booking and assigning resources, time, expenses, and approvals.

Customers must opt-in to install or upgrade to version 3.x of PSA. This is because in addition to new functionality, version 3.x has a completely new user experience for the web client, which is often referred to as the Unified Interface. Because a new web client may involve some user training, this is being made available only to customers who are explicitly interested in moving to this release. Complete the following steps to verify interest in or to opt-in for version 3.x of PSA.


Despite the opt-in process, PSA version 3.x is a completely supported version and should be considered generally available.

  1. Access the Dynamics Insider Portal here, http://experience.dynamics.com/insider and sign in with your Insider credentials.
  2. On the Insider home page, search for the program, “Opt-in to Upgrade Project and Field Service - Unified Interface".
  3. In the search results, select the program, and then click Join Now on the page that opens. This will add you as a participant to the program.
  4. On the program page, click Signup Link to opt-in for the latest Field & Project Service UCI Release (GA).
  5. The link will open a simple questionnaire. Provide the URL of the instance.
  6. Microsoft will receive the details that you provide and will, within a few days, enable the install or upgrade of the latest versions of Field and Project Service on the instance that you provided. After the install or upgrade is enabled, you will receive a confirmation email from Microsoft.

After you receive the email, you can access your Dynamics 365 Admin portal to install or upgrade Field Service and Project Service Automation on the enabled instance. For questions and discussion on the functionality, use the forum on the program page. Use the Microsoft Support process to log any issues/bugs.


If the identified instance has both Field Service and Project Service installed, plan to upgrade both solutions before you resume normal use of the instance. These releases of Field and Project Service will only be available for install or upgrade on the identified instances. They will not show up for any other organizations, even if they are on the same tenant.

To ensure a successful install experience, make sure that the identified instance meets all the prerequisites listed on the Insider Program page.


Before you begin your upgrade process, we recommend the following:

  • Carefully review the “What’s new or changed in Project Service Automation version 3” and “Upgrade considerations” topics listed below. An awareness and understanding of the changes between versions will help you with the upgrade process.
  • Upgrade your sandbox instance to evaluate the changes on your implementation before you upgrade your production instance.

The following topics provide information about the major changes in PSA, along with considerations and recommendations for planning your upgrade to version 3.x.