Analyze survey data

Voice of the Customer stores all survey responses in Dynamics 365, and you can analyze them by using features such as:

  • Survey response entity

  • Advance find queries

  • Dynamics 365 reports

  • Feedback entity

  • Survey dashboard

You can also generate custom reports based on the responses to meet your requirements. More information about creating reports: Create or edit a report using the Report Wizard

Survey responses

A survey response record is created after a respondent submits a survey. Based on the response received, out-of-the-box workflows are triggered, and the corresponding fields are populated in the survey response. If you have mapped the question responses to additional fields, the mapped field is populated with the survey response.

To view all survey responses:

  1. Sign in to Dynamics 365.

  2. Go to Voice of the Customer > Survey Responses.

  3. Select the survey response you want to view.

To view survey response for a survey:

  1. Sign in to Dynamics 365.

  2. Go to Voice of the Customer > Surveys.

  3. Select the name of the survey for which you want to view survey responses.

  4. Select the down arrow next to your survey name at the top of the screen, and then select Survey Responses.

  5. Select the survey response you want to view.

Additionally, you can export survey responses to Excel and perform further analysis by using Excel features. More information: Export data to Excel

You can also use Advanced Find to create customized queries. For example, you can create a query to fetch all the survey responses where the Net Promoter Score is equal to Detractor. More information: Advanced Find search

Create custom query by using Advanced find

Store responses in a custom field by using response mapping

Voice of the Customer provides some additional fields in the Survey Response entity on the Measures tab in the Survey Response form. You can map and store the response to a question in these fields. To map the response to a question to a field, you must select the field from the Response Mapping list in the question form when you create the question.

Response mapping to a custom field

Response mapping makes the question responses directly available as part of the Survey Response entity and, therefore, readily available to reports and workflows. The mapping fields available on the survey response are listed in the following table.

Salutation Company Response Generic number 11 Linked Answer 2
First Name Generic string 2 Generic number 14 Linked Answer 3
Last Name Custom Value Generic number 13 Linked Answer 4
Job Title Generic text 4 Generic number 16 Linked Answer 5
Street1 Generic text value 5 Generic number 15 Linked Answer 6
Street 2 Generic text 6 Custom Number Linked Answer 7
Street3 Generic number 12 Generic number 17 Linked Answer 8
City Generic number 1 Generic number 21 Linked Answer 9
State Generic number 4 Generic number 19 Linked Answer 10
Postal Code Generic number 3 Date Linked Answer 11
Country Generic number 6 Custom Date 1 Linked Answer 12
Telephone Generic number 5 Satisfaction Rating (Whole Number) Linked Answer 13
Website Response Generic number 8 Satisfaction Rating Linked Answer 14
Email Response Generic number 7 Customer Effort Score Linked Answer 15
Fax Generic number 10 Linked Answer 1

Run and export reports

You can run the following reports for a survey:

  • Net Promoter Score: Displays the monthly Net Promoter Score details measured by the survey.

  • Survey Export: Displays survey responses in a tabular format.

  • Survey Summary: Displays a summary of survey responses.

To run and export a report:

  1. Sign in to Dynamics 365.

  2. Go to Voice of the Customer > Surveys.

  3. Select the name of the survey for which you want to run a report.

  4. Select More Commands on the toolbar, select Run Report, and then select the report you want to run.

  5. To export the report, select Export, and then select the format you want:

    • XML file with report data

    • CSV (comma-delimited)

    • Acrobat (PDF) file

    • MHTML (web archive)

    • Excel

    • TIFF file

    • Word

The report is exported in the selected format.

View survey invitations and responses

The survey dashboard allows you to view the summary of survey invitations and responses. You can select a combination of view and chart to see the results you're interested in. You can also create your personal, customized view to see the results.

Survey dashboard with invites and responses charts

  1. Sign in to Dynamics 365.

  2. Go to Voice of the Customer > Surveys.

  3. Select the name of the survey for which you want to view the dashboard.

  4. From the Survey box, select Dashboard.

    Select survey dashboard

  5. Select a view and chart from the view list and chart list, respectively. The corresponding chart is displayed.

Additionally, you can create your own customized dashboard. More information: Create or edit dashboards

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