Design the right questions for your Voice of the Customer survey

Before configuring your Voice of the Customer for Dynamics 365 survey questions, it’s helpful to plan ahead. Here are a few things to think about to help you design the right questions for your survey:

  • What’s the purpose of your survey? For example, you might want to measure something (like customer satisfaction), interact with your customers, or promote new products or services. If your goal is to measure, what exactly do you want to measure?

  • How long do you want the survey to be? Keep in mind that longer surveys tend to have higher abandon rates. A good rule of thumb is to keep surveys shorter than five minutes, or no longer than 10 questions (depending on the type of question you ask).

  • Should all of your respondents answer all of the questions, or do you want to offer a subset of questions to some respondents?

  • Can you reuse all or part of an existing survey?

  • Do you want to analyze results from multiple surveys at once? You can do this by linking questions across surveys.

  • How do you want to send invitations to your survey? For example, you might want to email them or post an invitation to your website.

    In addition, consider these recommendations to help you improve survey response rates:

  • Send the survey with a named contact from your organization, preferably one that your respondents know.

  • Add an image of the contact from your organization to the survey.