Enrichment for customer profiles (preview)

Use data from sources like Microsoft and other partners to enrich your customer data.

Enrichment hub page.

In audience insights, go to Data > Enrichment to work with enrichment options.

You need to have Contributor or Administrator permissions to create or edit enrichments. For more information, see Permissions.

On the Discover tab, you'll find all supported enrichment options.

On the My enrichments tab, you can see the enrichments you've configured and edit their properties.

Manage existing enrichments

Go to the My enrichments tab to see all configured enrichments. Each enrichment is represented as a row that includes additional information about the enrichment.

Select the enrichment to see the available options. You can also select the ellipsis (...) on a list item to see the options. If you configured several enrichments, you can use the search box to find it quickly.

Options to manage enrichments in the list of enrichments.

  • View enrichment details with the number of enriched customer profiles.
  • Edit the enrichment configuration.
  • Run the enrichment to update customer profiles with the latest data.
  • Deactivate an existing enrichment to stop it from refreshing automatically with every scheduled refresh. Data from the last successful refresh will continue to be available. Activate an inactive enrichment to restart automatic refreshing with every scheduled refresh.
  • Delete the enrichment.

Run or deactivate multiple enrichments at once by selecting them in the list. View and edit options aren't available as bulk action. They only work for one enrichment at a time.

Enrichments and connections

Third-party enrichments are configured using connections, which an administrator sets up with credentials and provides consent for data transfers. The connections can be used by administrators and contributors to configure enrichments.

Multiple enrichments of the same type

The entity to be enriched is specified during the enrichment configuration, which allows you to enrich only a subset of your profiles. For example, enrich data only for a specific segment. You can configure several enrichments of the same type and reuse the same connection. Some enrichments will have limits to the number of enrichments of the same type that can be created. The limits and current use can be seen on the Enrichment page.

See the progress of the enrichment process

You can find details about the processing of an enrichment, including it status and potential issues while it's refreshing or after a refresh completed. Understand which processes are involved to refresh an enrichment and how long it took to run the processes. The enrichment status is supported for Experian, Leadspace, HERE Technologies, SFTP Import, and Azure Maps.

To see the status of en enrichment

  1. Go to Data > Enrichment.
  2. In the My enrichments tab, select the status of an enrichment to open a side pane.
  3. In the Progress details pane, expand the Enrichments section.
  4. Under the enrichment you want to see the progress, select See details.
  5. In the Task details pane, select Show details to see the processes that are involved in updating the enrichment and their status.