Export segments to Marketo (preview)

Export segments of unified customer profiles to generate campaigns, provide email marketing and use specific groups of customers with Marketo.

Prerequisites for connection

  • You have a Marketo account and corresponding administrator credentials.
  • There are existing lists in Marketo and the corresponding IDs. For more information, see Marketo lists.
  • You have configured segments.
  • Unified customer profiles in the exported segments contain a field representing an email address.

Known limitations

  • Up to 1 million customer profiles per export to Marketo.
  • Exporting to Marketo is limited to segments.
  • Exporting segments with a total of 1 million customer profiles can take up to 3 hours.
  • The number of customer profiles that you can export to Marketo is dependent and limited on your contract with Marketo.

Set up connection to Marketo

  1. Go to Admin > Connections.

  2. Select Add connection and choose Marketo to configure the connection.

  3. Give your connection a recognizable name in the Display name field. The name and the type of the connection describe this connection. We recommend choosing a name that explains the purpose and target of the connection.

  4. Choose who can use this connection. If you take no action, the default will be Administrators. For more information, see Allow contributors to use a connection for exports.

  5. Enter your Marketo client ID, Client secret, and REST Endpoint Hostname. The REST Endpoint Hostname is the hostname only, without https://. Example: xyz-abc-123.mktorest.com.

  6. Select I agree to confirm the Data privacy and compliance and select Connect to initialize the connection to Marketo.

  7. Select Add yourself as export user and provide your Customer Insights credentials.

  8. Select Save to complete the connection.

Configure an export

You can configure this export if you have access to a connection of this type. For more information, see Permissions needed to configure an export.

  1. Go to Data > Exports.

  2. To create a new export, select Add destination.

  3. In the Connection for export field, choose a connection from the Marketo section. If you don't see this section name, there are no connections of this type available to you.

  4. Enter your Marketo list ID. The list ID is a purely numerical value. For example, if your Marketo list ID is ST12345A7, remove the character before and after the numerals and enter 12345.

  5. In the Data matching section, in the Email field, select the field that represents a customer's email address.

  6. Optionally, you can export First name, Last name, City, State, and Country/Region to create more personalized emails. Select Add attribute to map these fields.

  7. Select the segments you want to export. You can export up to 1 million customer profiles in total to Marketo.

  8. Select Save.

Saving an export doesn't run the export immediately.

The export runs with every scheduled refresh. You can also export data on demand. In Marketo, you can now find your segments under Marketo lists.

Data privacy and compliance

When you enable Dynamics 365 Customer Insights to transmit data to Marketo, you allow transfer of data outside of the compliance boundary for Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, including potentially sensitive data such as Personal Data. Microsoft will transfer such data at your instruction, but you are responsible for ensuring that Marketo meets any privacy or security obligations you may have. For more information, see Microsoft Privacy Statement. Your Dynamics 365 Customer Insights Administrator can remove this export destination at any time to discontinue use of this functionality.