Teams bot for Dynamics 365 Customer Insights (preview)

Connect with Microsoft Teams to let a bot look up unified customer profiles in Teams channels.

Teams bot showing a customer record


To set up and configure the bot, the following prerequisites must be met:

Configure the bot

  1. In audience insights, go to Admin > Export Destinations.
  2. On the Microsoft Teams tile, select Set up.
  3. You're redirected to the Apps area in Teams. You can also open Teams and select Apps in the bottom-left corner or get it from AppSource directly.
  4. Search for Customer Insights and select the app.
  5. Select Add.
  6. After signing in to Customer Insights in Teams, you'll see a welcome message and can get started.

Things you can do with the bot

The bot provides lookup capabilities for unified customer profiles.

  • Enter search followed by a name, email address, or any other field on the unified customer profile that is added to the search and filter index.

    You'll get a card with up to 15 fields from the resulting customer profile. Multiple matches return a list of results where you can select a profile. You can add the search term in double quotes to look up an exact match.

  • If your organization maintains multiple Customer Insights instances in the same organization, you can enter switchinstance to choose which instance you want to connect the bot to.

  • Enter help to see a list of available commands for the bot.