Out-of-box (OOB) unified profile reports

[This topic is pre-release documentation and is subject to change.]

A unified profile report is a collection of data visualization to help you understand how users behave. By connecting to Customer Insights audience insights capability, engagement insights can display OOB reports with information about unified customer profiles. This report includes the number of profiles you have, grouped by gender, age, and geographical location. For information about customer profiles, see Customer profiles.


An environment admin must create a link between engagement insights and audience insights.

Enable the customer profile report

After specifying the link between engagement insights and audience insights, the admin can then grant access to other people in the organization to see the report. The environment admin setting up the connection automatically has access to the report. 

After completing the connection, the Profiles feature will be available in the left navigation pane.

  • Go to Discover > Profiles to see the report.

The Profiles report contains visualizations about the gender, age, and geographical location of the connected customer profiles.

Customer profile report.