Set up the Notes control to access information about posts

In Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (on-premises) forms for certain system entities using the Updated forms, the Notes control provides the ability to access information about Posts, Activities, and Notes. For custom entities where you have enabled notes and activities, you will only see Notes and Activities. To include Posts you must enable them for the custom entity.

Enable posts for a custom entity

  1. Go to Settings > Post Configurations.

  2. Locate the record for your custom entity.

  3. Make sure that Enable walls for this type of record form is selected and save the record.

  4. In the command bar, select Activate.

  5. If you needed to enable walls, you need to publish the entity.

    By default, for system entities the notes control is positioned in a social pane section in the center of a three column tab at the top of the form. It can appear in a form just one time. You can move or remove the notes control. To add it back, use the Notes button in the Control group of the Insert tab.

    The following table describes the properties for the Notes control.

Tab Property Description
Display Label Required: Although the label is not displayed by default, a label is required.
Display Label on the form You can choose to display the label.
Lock the field on the form This will prevent the notes from being removed from the form accidentally.
Default tab Select which tab should be displayed by default. The options are:

- Activities
- Posts
- Notes
Formatting Select the number of columns the control occupies When the section containing the notes control has more than one column you can set the field to occupy up to the number of columns that the section has.
Number of Rows Control the height of the notes control by selecting the number of rows the control occupies.
Automatically expand to use available space Instead of setting the height by a number of rows, you can allow the notes control height to expand to available space.


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