Time zone entities

The time zone entities can be used when you write code that works in multiple time zones. The following three read-only entities in Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement contain time zone information:

  • The time zone definition entity stores basic information about each supported time zone, including the time zone code and the standard time zone name.

  • The time zone localized name entity stores the localized time zone names.

  • The time zone rule entity stores information about how times are calculated.

    The following table lists the messages that are related to time zones, but don’t refer to a specific entity.

Message Description
GetTimeZoneCodeByLocalizedNameRequest Retrieves all the time zone definitions for the specified locale, returning only the display name attribute.
LocalTimeFromUtcTimeRequest Retrieves the local time for the specified UTC time.
UtcTimeFromLocalTimeRequest Retrieves the UTC time for the specified local time.

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