Activate Field Service mobile configurator

The mobile configurator (Woodford) allows your organization to use, administer, and customize the Field Service Mobile app for your field workers.

Fill out an activation form

A 30-day trial automatically starts when you install the mobile configuration tool for your Dynamics 365 instance. Submit a request to activate the trial before the trial period ends. Activate the configurator to continue using and customizing the Field Service Mobile app.

Complete the activation request form for the mobile configurator (Woodford). You need the Dynamics 365 organization ID to complete the request form.

Additional notes

  • To find out your trial end date, go to Settings > Woodford > MobileCRM Woodford. You'll see the trial end date at the top of the screen.


  • If you make any updates or do any work that changes the organization ID, you need to submit a new request to activate the mobile configurator for the organization.

To find your organization ID:

  1. Go to Settings > Customizations > Developer Resources.
  2. In the Instance Reference Information section, locate the ID.


Previous app versions

For the Field Service Mobile (2017) app, you need to fill out a form to request access for your users. To understand past Field Service Mobile app versions, see the article on Field Service Mobile app version history.

Each Dynamics 365 Field Service license you purchase from Microsoft allows you to activate mobile access for one user, with the total number of mobile users allocated across all your production, sandbox, and trial organizations not to exceed the total number of licenses you purchased. For example, if you purchase 100 field service licenses and you manage one production organization and one sandbox, you could activate mobile access for 50 users at both organizations for a maximum total of 100 mobile users (not 100 mobile users at each organization for a total of 200).

Field Service on the Dynamics 365 mobile app

To use Dynamics 365 Field Service on a mobile device, use the Field Service Mobile app, rather than the Dynamics 365 mobile app with the Unified Interface. While the native Dynamics 365 app does work in offline mode, it doesn't fully support offline mode for Field Service-specific scenarios. For more information, visit our article on Field Service Mobile.