How to install Dynamics 365 Field Service

This article describes how to install the Dynamics 365 Field Service application for Dynamics 365 (online).

To get fully up and running with Field Service, you'll need to:

  1. Install the core Field Service application
  2. Install the Field Service Mobile app
  3. Install the Woodford mobile configurator
  4. Install and configure the mobile project template

In this article, we'll walk through each of these steps.


Along with this article, see the video: Video symbol Field Service installation and setup


To follow the steps in this article, you will need:

  • Time. Field Service installations and upgrades can take up to 30 minutes or more.
  • A desktop browser and a mobile device (phone, tablet, or Windows 10 device).

Step 1: Install Dynamics 365 Field Service

There are a few ways you can get access to Dynamics 365 Field Service:

  • Sign up for an entirely new trial environment. Head to the Dynamics 365 trials site, select Field Service, and follow the instructions.

  • Purchase Field Service by going to your Office 365 admin center > Billing > Purchase Services and select Dynamics 365 Field Service and Buy Now. You can also get Field Service from this Dynamics 365 purchasing page.

  • Add a Field Service trial to an existing Dynamics 365 organization by going to Settings > Microsoft AppSource. Search for Field Service trial, select Dynamics 365 Field Service trial, and then select Free Trial.

Verify the installation is complete

If the installation is complete, the Field Service app will appear in the Dynamics 365 main menu when logged in as a system administrator.

Screenshot of Field Service in navigation

In previous versions, Field Service appears in the Dynamics 365 custom application sitemap.

Screenshot of Field Service in Dynamics 365 dropdown menu

Step 2: Download the Field Service Mobile app on a phone or tablet


You will not be able to use the Field Service Mobile application with your Dynamics 365 organization until you have followed all of the steps below and set up users and bookable resources enabled for mobile app access.

Dynamics 365 Field Service provides the cross-platform, multi-device Field Service Mobile application that is crafted to the field service worker's needs. The mobile application is entirely customizable and extensible, allowing any organization to brand the application as its own, define what types of data field service workers can access, and much more.

To get the mobile app, download Field Service Mobile from the Windows, Apple, or Google Play app stores, or visit the following links. Field Service Mobile requires Field Service versions 7.5.5 and 8.2+.

Screenshot of Field Service mobile app download example

Step 3: Install the Field Service Mobile configuration tool

The configuration tool allows app access for field technician users, and allows administrators to customize the mobile experience.

  1. Download the mobile configuration tool and save to your computer.

  2. In the Dynamics 365 organization, go to Settings > Solutions. Select Import.


You may have to select the gear icon and go to Advanced Settings in order to access the Solutions option from the settings dropdown.

Screenshot of solution import view

  1. On the Select Solution Package screen, select the file, and then select Next.

Screenshot of selecting the Woodford solution zip file for importation

  1. After the import completes, verify that Woodford appears on the Settings menu. If you don't see it, refresh the page.

Screenshot of Woodford under Settings menu in Dynamics 365 drop-down menu

Step 4: Import the mobile project template

Next, download and import a mobile project that allows you to configure the mobile app for your organization.

The mobile project template contains all customizations for the Field Service Mobile app. A mobile project allows you to customize the mobile experience across devices. For example, you use a mobile project to add, remove, and change fields, entities, views, and forms on the mobile app.

  1. Open the Mobile Configuration Tool (Woodford) by going to Settings > Woodford and selecting MobileCRM Woodford HTML5. If you experience trouble opening or working in the HTML5 version, you can use the MobileCRM Woodford Legacy in a non-private Internet Explorer browser window.

Screenshot of Woodford admin interface

  1. You may be asked to set a storage quota. Set to 500 MB, and then select OK.

  2. Register yourself as a user.

  3. Download mobile project for Field Service Mobile (latest) Field Service v7.5.5 and v8.2+ and save in a location other than the Downloads folder. If you have an existing mobile project from a previous app version, you'll need to manually move the customizations for that project into a derivative of this project.

The mobile project is updated periodically; bookmark this website for regular access the latest mobile project.

For previous mobile apps for D365 for Field Service, use the following mobile projects:

  1. Import the mobile project file.

Screenshot of importing mobile project template

  1. In the Add Mobile Project dialog:
  • Keep Type set to Standard User.
  • Enter the filename of the mobile project file you downloaded. In our example, it was FSDyn365_1.0.2735 (yours may be different depending on which version you downloaded).
  • Enter a priority value. In our example, we set it to 10.
  • Assign the template to all field service security roles.
  • Select Save.

Screenshot of setting details for mobile project

  1. Double-click on your newly imported mobile project file. You'll be taken to the project detail page. Select Publish.

Screenshot of the publish option

  1. Head back to the main Woodford page by selecting the back button in the navigation, as seen in the following screenshot.

Screenshot of the Woodford back button

  1. Select to highlight the mobile project template and select Derive.

Screenshot of setting details for mobile project

  • Keep Type set to Standard User.
  • Enter a name (in our example, FSDyn365_1.0.2735-derivative), a higher priority (in our example, 20), and assign to relevant Field Service security roles.
  • Select Save.

Screenshot of setting details for mobile project

  1. Double-click the mobile project template parent (not your new derivative), and then select Publish All.


For Field Service Mobile v11.2, publish to 11.2.

  1. Verify the mobile configurations are published by checking for an arrow next to the projects.

Screenshot of published mobile project with arrow showing status


This is a trial license and is valid for 30 days. The trial can be extended by following the guidance in this topic: Extend Field Service Mobile configuration tool trial.

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