Troubleshoot issues during initial setup


Effective November 2020:

  • Common Data Service has been renamed to Microsoft Dataverse. For more information, see Power Automate Blog.
  • Some terminology in Microsoft Dataverse has been updated. For example, entity is now table and field is now column. For more information, see Terminology updates.

This topic will be updated soon to reflect the latest terminology.

This topic provides troubleshooting information for dual-write integration between Finance and Operations apps and Common Data Service. Specifically, it provides information that can help you fix issues that might occur during the initial setup of dual-write integration.


Some of the issues that this topic addresses might require either the system admin role or Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) tenant admin credentials. The section for each issue explains whether a specific role or credentials are required.

Required role to set up dual-write: System administrator in Finance and Operations apps and Common Data Service.

Errors on the Setup link to Common Data Service page are usually caused by incomplete setup or permissions issues. Make sure that the whole health check passes on the Setup link to Common Data Service page, as shown in the following illustration. You can't link dual-write unless the whole health check passes.

Successful health check

You must have Azure AD tenant admin credentials to link the Finance and Operations and Common Data Service environments. After you link the environments, users can sign in by using their account credentials and update an existing entity map.

Required credentials to fix the issue: Azure AD tenant admin

You might receive the following error message when you open the Link to Common Data Service page in a Finance and Operations app:

Response status code does not indicate success: 404 (Not Found).

This error occurs when the consent step hasn't been completed. To validate whether the consent step has been completed, sign in to by using the Azure AD tenant admin account, and see whether the third-party app that has the ID 33976c19-1db5-4c02-810e-c243db79efde appears in the Azure AD Enterprise applications list. If it doesn't, you must provide app consent.

To provide app consent, follow these steps.

  1. Open the following URL by using your admin credentials. You should be prompted for consent.

  2. Select Accept to indicate that you're giving your consent to install the app that has the ID 33976c19-1db5-4c02-810e-c243db79efde in your tenant.


    This app is required to link Common Data Service and Finance and Operations apps. If you have trouble with this step, open your browser in incognito mode (in Google Chrome) or InPrivate mode (in Microsoft Edge).

Verify that company data and dual-write teams are set up correctly during linking

To ensure that dual-write works correctly, the companies that you select during configuration are created in the Common Data Service environment. By default, these companies are read-only, and the IsDualWriteEnable property is set to True. In addition, the default owning business unit owner and team are created and include the company name. Before you enable the maps, verify that the default team owner is specified. To find the Companies (CDM_Company) entity, follow these steps.

  1. In the model-driven app in Dynamics 365, select the filter in the upper-right corner.

  2. In the drop-down list, select Company.

  3. Select Run to see the results.

  4. Select the company that was linked when you configured dual-write.

  5. Verify that the Default owning team field has a value. In the following illustration, the Default owning team field is set to USMF Dual Write.

    Verifying the default owning team

You might receive the following error message when you try to enable maps:

Dual write failure - Plugin registration failed: [(Unable to get partition map for project DWM-1ae35e60-4bc2-4905-88ea-69efd3b29260-7f12cb89-1550-42e2-858e-4761fc1443ea. Error Exceeds the maximum partitions allowed for mapping DWM-1ae35e60-4bc2-4905-88ea-69efd3b29260-7f12cb89-1550-42e2-858e-4761fc1443ea)], One or more errors occurred.

The current limit when you link the environments is approximately 40 legal entities. This error occurs if you try to enable maps, and more than 40 legal entities are linked between the environments.