Language and locale descriptors in the product and in Help

The client that Finance and Operations apps use supports multiple languages and locales. To add custom Help content for one or more locales to the in-product Help pane, you must make sure that both the following conditions are met:

  • The value of the ms.locale property in each HTML file matches the locale of the content.

    For example, the German (Germany) content must have a setting of ms.locale: de-de.

  • On the custom Help website, the content is in a folder has the same name as the locale.

    For example, the German (Germany) content must be in a folder that is named de-de.

For more information, see Custom Help overview and Deploy custom Help to Azure.

Languages and descriptors

The following table maps the language names between the Finance and Operations client and the GitHub repositories (repos) that contain translated Microsoft Help content.

Language/locale in the client Language/region name Name of the GitHub repo
ar Arabic (Saudi Arabia)
ar-ae Arabic (United Arab Emirates)
cs Czech Dynamics-365-Operations.cs-cz
da Danish Dynamics-365-Operations.da-dk
de German (Germany)
de-at German (Austria)
de-ch German (Switzerland)
en-au English (Australia) Dynamics-365-Unified-Operations-Public
en-ca English (Canada) Dynamics-365-Unified-Operations-Public
en-gb English (United Kingdom) Dynamics-365-Unified-Operations-Public
en-ie English (Ireland) Dynamics-365-Unified-Operations-Public
en-in English (India) Dynamics-365-Unified-Operations-Public
en-my English (Malaysia) Dynamics-365-Unified-Operations-Public
en-nz English (New Zealand) Dynamics-365-Unified-Operations-Public
en-sg English (Singapore) Dynamics-365-Unified-Operations-Public
en-us English (US) Dynamics-365-Unified-Operations-Public
en-za English (South Africa) Dynamics-365-Unified-Operations-Public
es Spanish (Spain)
es-mx Spanish (Mexico)
et Estonian
fi Finnish
fr French (France)
fr-be French (Belgium)
fr-ca French (Canada)
fr-ch French (Switzerland)
hu Hungarian
is Icelandic
it Italian
it-ch Italian (Switzerland)
ja Japanese Dynamics-365-Operations.ja-jp
lt Lithuanian
lv Latvian
nb-no Norwegian Bokmål Dynamics-365-Operations.nb-no
nl Dutch (Netherlands)
nl-be Dutch (Belgium)
pl Polish
pt-br Portuguese (Brazil)
ru Russian
sv Swedish
th Thai
tr Turkish
zh-hans Chinese Dynamics-365-Operations.zh-cn

Languages, translations, and adaptations

Microsoft teams create content in English (United States). That content is then translated into several languages, and the translated content is made available in a public GitHub repo for each language.

To maximize reuse of translations, translation services treat some languages as variants of another language. For example, German for Austria and German for Germany are considered so closely related that they are treated as variants of each other. Therefore, you can use the files in the GitHub repo as a starting point for both German (Germany) content and German (Austria) content.

When you extend the in-product Help pane, you must assign indexes for the relevant locales. For more information, see Customize language fallback.

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