Set up lease approval workflows

The topic explains how to set up an approval workflow that will run when a new lease is created. For information about how to use the workflow, see Use lease approval workflows.

  1. Go to Asset leasing > Setup > Lease workflow.

  2. On the Lease workflow page, select New.

  3. In the dialog box that appears, under Workflow type, select the Lease workflow link.

    The application is opened. After it runs, sign in to Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) to be redirected to the workflow application.

  4. Drag the Lease workflow approval element onto the workflow.

  5. Connect one node from Start to Lease workflow approval. Then connect Lease workflow approval to End.

  6. Double-click Lease workflow approval.

  7. Select Properties, and then, under Basic settings, enter a name for the workflow.

    On this page, you can also set more parameters for the workflow. If you've turned on Automatic actions, the system will automatically take a specific action. Notifications can be sent if they are specified on the Notifications tab. On the Advanced settings tab, you can specify a final approver, set a time limit, and designate specific actions that must be completed.

  8. When you've finished setting the workflow parameters, select Close.

  9. Select Step 1, and then select Properties.

  10. Under Basic settings, enter a name for the step, create a subject line for the approval, and specify instructions for the approval.

  11. On the Assignment page, select the assignment type.

  12. To assign specific users to the approval, select User, select the users who approve leases, and then select Close.

  13. Select Save and close to create the workflow. Then, when you're prompted, select OK.

  14. On the Create workflow page, select Close.

  15. Select the new workflow, and then select Versions. Then select Make active to ensure that the workflow is active.

  16. Select Close. The new active version appears.