Project timesheet mobile application


Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is now being licensed as Dynamics 365 Finance and Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management. For more information about these licensing changes, see Dynamics 365 Licensing Update.


The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Timesheet mobile app enables users to submit and approve timesheets for projects on their mobile device (iPhone or Android). This mobile app surfaces the timesheet functionality that resides in the Project management and accounting area of Dynamics 365 Finance, improving user productivity and efficiency, as well as enabling timely entry and approval of project timesheets.

Download and install the mobile app

Download and install the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Timesheet mobile app for Android or iPhone from the mobile store for your device.

Enable the app

In Finance, the Project Timesheet mobile app must be enabled. To enable the functionality, go to Project management and accounting parameters > Timesheet and select the Enable Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Timesheet parameter.

Sign in to the app

  1. Start the app on your mobile device.

  2. Enter your Finance URL.

  3. The first time that you sign in, you're prompted for your user name and password. Enter your credentials.

  4. You will be signed into your default company.

Submit a project timesheet

You can create and submit a project timesheet in the app. You can base a new timesheet on information from a previous timesheet, saved lines, or project assignments. If you are designated as a delegate, you can also enter a timesheet for another worker. To create a timesheet as a delegate, select the Menu button and then select a resource name..

The timesheet page will create a new timesheet for the timesheet period, based on the current date. The work week will be displayed. If the timesheet period covers multiple weeks, you can select another work week from the work week tabs. If a timesheet exists for the current date, it will be displayed. If you need to create a new timesheet in a different timesheet period, select the Menu button and then select New timesheet.

You can enter project information by clicking the Add time action or the Copy time from action. The Copy time from action will copy project line information, but not the hours. The Copy time from menu includes the following options:

  • Copy from existing timesheet - Copy timesheet lines from an existing timesheet.

  • Copy from favorite - Create new timesheet lines by using the timesheet settings that you selected as favorites.

  • Copy from assignment - Create new timesheet lines from assigned projects.

The project information that is displayed is dependent on the mobile parameters that you defined on the Project management and accounting parameters page.

In the Legal entity field, select the legal entity for which you performed project work. The Legal entity field is available only if intercompany timesheet support has been enabled for your legal entity.

Select the customer who is associated with the project for the timesheet. For the initial release on the Android, entry by customer is not supported, as you must select the project first. If you selected the project first, the Customer field is filled in automatically.

In the Project field, select the project that you are entering time for. The Customer field is filled in automatically.

The customer and project lookups enable searching across both customers and projects.

Select information in the Category, Activity, Line property, Sales tax group, and Item sales tax group fields as required. These fields can be overridden.

The Line property field will be set to a default value, based on project management and accounting parameters. When the project/category and category/resource parameters are enabled, the Line property value will be set to the default value you have defined for this validation. When the project/category and category/resource parameters are not enabled, the Line property value will default according to the Enable default line property field on the Project management and accounting parameters page. The Line property value can be overridden.

Select a day to add time. Enter the number of hours that you worked each day.

To add comments about the hours you are entering, click Add comments, and then enter comments for an internal audience, customer audience, or both. Internal comments can be viewed by project managers. Customer comments are included on invoices.

To save the line as a favorite, select the check box, and then click Save as favorite.

Financial dimension and attachment support are not provided in the mobile application.

Continue adding project lines as needed to complete your timesheet.

Click Submit to send the timesheet to the approval workflow.

Review timesheets

A list of the timesheets that need to be reviewed is available in the menu. This option is only available if you have been designated as a workflow approver. Both header and line approval are supported. Line level approval offers the ability to mark one or more lines for approval. After reviewing the timesheet information, click Approve, Delegate, or Return to continue the workflow.