Regulatory job category

Applies to these Dynamics 365 apps:
Human Resources

This topic describes the Regulatory job category option set for Dynamics 365 Human Resources.

Physical name: mshr_hcmregulatoryjobcategory

This enumeration specifies the option set for regulatory job category option set values. This is provided in the existing mshr_hcmregulatoryjobcategory option set.

Value Label Description
200000000 None None.
200000001 Executive Executive/Senior level officials and managers.
200000002 Manager First/Mid level officials and managers.
200000003 Professional Professionals.
200000004 Technician Technicians.
200000005 SalesWorker Sales workers.
200000006 Administrative Administrative support workers.
200000007 CraftWorker Craft workers.
200000008 Operative Operatives.
200000009 Laborer Laborers/Helpers.
200000010 ServiceWorker Service workers.

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