Dynamics 365 Human Resources helps you provide great leave benefits to your workers. The Leave and absence workspace provides a flexible framework for creating new leave plans, workflows for managing requests, and an intuitive self service page for employees to request time off. Analytics helps your organization measure and monitor leave balances and usage for your leave plans.

Set up Leave and absence

Before creating leave plans for your employees, you need to do a few setup steps:

Create and manage leave plans

Before creating leave plans for your workers, you need to create leave and absence types. After you create a leave plan, you can then enroll workers into the plan. You can also run the accrue process, create alerts, and view analytics for your plans.

Request time off and manage requests

Your employees can submit time off requests, and you can manage them, in the Employee self service workspace.

Leave and absence known issues

Rounding precision

You can't set Rounding precision when you set Rounding type. You can only set Rounding precision by using the Leave and absence type entity.

  1. From Leave and absence types, select Open in Excel to open the Leave and absence type entity.

  2. After the file opens and is enabled, select Design.

  3. On the Leave and absence type table, select the pencil option to edit.

  4. Select RoundingPrecision and RoundingType, and then select Add to add to the list of fields.

  5. Select Update, and then select Done.

  6. Enter or select the Rounding type for each leave type if they haven't been set already.

  7. Enter the Rounding precision for the appropriate types.

  8. Select Publish to push the changes into Human Resources.

Leave and absence preview features

You can try out new Leave and absence preview features in a Sandbox environment. For information about turning on preview features, see Manage features.


Functionality noted in this article is available as a public preview in any Sandbox or Trial environment. It's not available in Production environments. The content and the functionality are subject to change. For more information about preview features, see Manage features.

The preview features include:

  • Leave accrual per company or plan - You can run the accrual process either for all companies or for a single company. You can also run the accrual process for a specific leave and absence plan for a specific company.

  • Buy leave - You can enable and create buy leave policies for employees to submit buy requests. Employees can submit buy requests and have balances automatically updated to reflect the request.

  • Add attachments to approved leave requests - You can add an attachment to a leave request that's already been approved.