Manage items that are lent to workers

Loan items are records that help managers track the physical items that your company lends to its workers.

The following points list examples of items that a company might lend to workers:

  • Mobile telephones
  • Automobiles
  • Computer equipment

Each physical item must have a corresponding loan item. Each loan item record should describe what is being loaned, who is responsible for the loan, and the number of days the item can loaned to a worker. You can create multiple loan items, for items such as keys, access cards or uniforms, at the same time.

When loaning an item, enter the date that the item was loaned, and the planned return date. When the item is returned, enter the actual return date.

Employees can view the records of the items that have been loaned to them using the Employee self-service workspace. They can also edit the existing records or enter new loan items, if they've received additional physical items. Workflow can be set up to route changes to new or existing loan items through an approval process.

Managers can view loaned items for their direct reports. They can also be granted permission to add new loan items on behalf of their employees.

Account for lost or misplaced loan items

If an item becomes damaged or misplaced, enter a fictitious return record. Then either delete the item or keep it in the overview and change the description to indicate that the item is not available.

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