Enable activities to use Set Regarding lookup in App for Outlook

In App for Outlook the Set Regarding lookup lets you link an email message, appointment, or task to a specific app row. To use the Set Regarding lookup, activities need to be enabled for the table.

Most out-of-box (OOB) tables have activities enabled by default, which cannot be disabled. For custom tables that you create, make sure to enable activities to use the Set Regarding lookup in App for Outlook. Once activities are enabled, it cannot be disabled for any table.

Set regaring lookup

Enable activities for a table

  1. To enable activities, Sign in to Power Apps.

  2. On the left nav, select Data to expand it and then select Tables.

    Go to Tables in maker portal

  3. Select a table.

  4. On the command bar, select Settings.

    Select settings

  5. Expand Collaboration, and select Enable for activities and then choose Done.

    Communication and collaboration activity enabled


Once enabled this setting can't be disabled. If prompted, select Okay to confirm.

  1. Select Save Table > and then publish the table.

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