Send email using the enhanced email experience

The enhanced email experience in customer engagement apps allows users to compose an email without leaving the record they're working on. With the enhanced email experience, you can:

  • Navigate to different pages without losing the email content.
  • Minimize the email window to get back to the records you were working on.
  • Expand the email editor pop-up window to see more email options.
  • Simultaneously open three email compose pop-up windows.
  • Search for and apply a predefined template to an email you're composing.
  • Insert attachments to email.


  • System administrators must enable the enhanced email experience before you can use it.
  • The enhanced email experience is available only for email activities created from the Timeline section of any customer engagement app.
  • The enhanced email pop-up window opens only when the height and width of your screen size is at least 400 x 650 pixels or greater. If lower, you will be taken to the standard form instead of the enhanced email experience.
  • If you are working with the Sales app version 9.0.2006.5005 or later, you'll notice that the name of the existing Enhanced Email form is changed to Enhanced Email (deprecated). This form will be deactivated with the release of November 2020 updates. A new form named Enhanced Email has been introduced with the new capabilities like quick preview or multiple email attachments.
  • If you try to navigate to a record (by selecting a record in the lookup field) while working in the Enhanced Email form, an error message is displayed. You cannot navigate to another record from within the Enhanced Email form.

For more information about the email functionality, see Use email.

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