Provide viewing and adjustment privileges to a forecast

In the Permissions step of the forecast configuration, you define which team members can view and adjust the forecast data at each level of the hierarchy. Also, you can provide access to users who have specific security roles to view the forecast.

To set viewing permissions

  1. In the User security field section, choose User lookup field. Choosing this field determines the owner of the forecast row. The following default system user value is selected based on the template:

    • For Org chart forecast, the value is selected as User.
    • For Territory forecast, the value is selected as Manager.
      If you select a value other than the default, a column is created in the forecast grid.
      For example, when you select User lookup field as Manager for a territory forecast, the forecast is visible only to the managers of the territories in the selected hierarchy. The managers can edit forecast data that directly belongs to them and to their reporting territories.
  2. In the Additional security roles section, select one of the following options to provide permissions to view the forecast to users who aren't part of the hierarchy.

    Additional security roles option Description
    No additional security roles This option provides access only to the selected hierarchy users. When you select this option, users who have other security roles in the organization can't view the forecast. By default, this option is selected.
    All security roles (everyone can access the forecast) This option provides read-only access to this forecast to all the security roles of users in your organization.
    Specific security roles This option allows you to specify which security roles will receive either read-only access, or read-only and adjustment access within this forecast.

    Forecast permissions step

    A message displays at the bottom of the page that helps you understand how the forecast security is applied based on your selections.

    Information on forecast security

  3. Select Next.

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