Overview of admin settings (Sales Professional)

Are you the person responsible for getting your sales team onboard?

Here’s some good news.

Dynamics 365 Sales Professional comes with a simple and straightforward setup experience, so anybody can put things together and get their team rolling quickly.


The Welcome page, Standard settings, Advanced settings, and Customization capabilities are introduced in the Dynamics 365 Sales Professional app version

Welcome page

The Welcome page has resources to get you started—you’ll see links to videos and documentation. Go to the Standard settings page to start setting up the basics, or go directly to the app and start working.

Standard settings

The Standard settings page provides an intuitive experience of setting up what's most important with the fewest number of clicks. With just one click, Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint are automatically configured for you, and your users are ready to send out emails or share documents. The quick setup also lets you quickly import data, so your users have it ready in the app to start their work.

Standard settings page

Advanced settings

When you want more advanced-level settings to configure the app, or you want to customize it to meet your organization’s requirements, Advanced settings is your one-stop shop. You can find the settings for branding and theming, teams, and maintaining templates all under one roof. The configurations are simple—you’ll be done with these in just a few clicks.


If the Sales app does not entirely fit your business requirement, use the drag-and-drop designers to quickly make changes that reflect the specific information that your company needs. For example, change the pipeline phases to match your organization’s business flows, or add new fields to capture data relevant to your business—all of this without writing a single line of code.

Customize the business process flow

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